TM Purchase

TM Purchase

TM PURCHASE provides complete fleet overview with details of requisitions, requests for quotations and purchase orders.

It also comes with functions for delivery control of spare parts provision and services.


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TM Purchase Functions and features:

  • Summary screen of order status for the complete fleet or selected vessels. The overview shows number of requisitions, requests for quotation, purchase orders, local ship orders and local office orders etc.
  • Direct access to order details
  • Function for evaluation of quotations
  • Function for splitting up requisitions to several purchase orders
  • Automatic update to the ship/office of any changes in the order, e.g. approved, amended, canceled.
  • Follow up of orders with reminder functions
  • Electronic filing system for finished orders
  • Drag and drop feature allowing users to add external documents to the order history: .doc, .pdf, E-mail etc.
  • Overview of supplier history                          
  • Dynamic report engine providing user defined reports with the possibility of using predefined elements: ships, suppliers, accounts, dates etc.
  • Effective all-purpose search function of purchase documents
  • User defined menu options and tailor-made purchase documents
  • Function for defining different user access levels
  • Advanced replication between ship and office of any database or document change

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TM Purchase - Software related features:

  • TM PURCHASE is a true object oriented application, designed and programmed using .NET technology. Visual Basic .NET is the main development language.
  • Database solution is a unique real-time client/server based solution on top of ADO.NET with data exchange to/from ships based on XML. The ADO layer makes it possible to connect to the most common database systems, like SQL-server, Oracle, Access, etc.
  • TM PURCHASE reports are created by using SQL. In addition, users have the option of specifying XML tags. These tags are associated with predefined elements of the user interface, enabling users to add these elements to the report (ships, suppliers, accounts, dates etc.) Reports are displayed using HTML and users can create their own CSS files to define the appearance of the report.
  • TM PURCHASE communicates directly with the default e-mail client of the computer, enabling user to send documents directly from TM PURCHASE to the receivers e-mail.