TM Master

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TM Fleet Manager

The Fleet Manager is a powerful tool for grouping, supervising and controlling an entire fleet - regardless of its size.

The TM Fleet Manager provides the ship management team with a unique overview of the entire fleet. Review the fleet status by employing user-defined key performance indicators, track maintenance history, purchasing orders and personnel.

The Fleet Manager holds the company's central data, including ship particulars, supplier and maker information and contacts. A powerful document module allows you to issue and distribute documents across the fleet, as well as attach them to components, jobs or crew.

Functions include:

  • Centralized overview
  • User defined KPI for review and control
  • Central registries
  • Document module
  • Cross-fleet search functions

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Purchasing & order processing

TM Maintenance & Inventory comes with a flexible on-board purchasing solution. Generate orders and requisitions at the push of a button, and use the replication manager to synchronise information between ship and shore. The purchasing capability may be used with both the inventory and the consumables modules.

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to attach documents to a component in the simplest of manners. The system supports all document formats, including text, pdf, images and various audio and video formats.