TM Crew

TM Crew - Manage your personnel

TM Crew is a powerful tool for efficient crew management, designed to support personnel work on board as well as on shore.
TM Crew lets you manage, edit and report personal information about your crew members, such as:

  • certificates
  • next of kin
  • employment history
  • training
  • vaccinations
  • evaluations

Powerful administration tools restrict user access to sensitive data, and protect the information from unauthorised use.

TM Crew has a strong focus on personnel safety, and allows you to manage central functions such as lifeboat muster lists and fire and emergency allocation lists.

Use TM Crew to manage and follow up each crew member's working history:

  • Sign on/off information
  • Sea service log with history
  • Onboard day calculation
  • Arrival and departure information

TM Crew also provides functions for multi-change of personnel, and reminders for important tasks such as certificate renewals and crew member training activities.

TM Crew ensures fleet compliance with the ISPS code, and facilitates reporting to office, charterer or government authorities. TM Crew comes with a powerful report engine providing the user with various administrative reports.

  • IMO Crew List
  • IMO Crew Effect declaration
  • Crew information
  • Crew Sign on/off report
  • Crew onboard
  • Crew cabin list
  • Next of kin
  • Crew list with emergency plan Onboard/at vacation report
  • Summary of qualification of ship personnel
  • Sea service report
  • Evaluation reports

TM Crew takes care of your data

The built-in replication manager guarantees that all relevant information is readily available on board as well as to your crew management organisation, making your crew composition planning an easier task. TM Crew is fully integrated with the other applications in the TM Master V2 Suite.

TM Crew has been designed with the end-user in mind. An intuitive and well-arranged user interface keeps you in control.


TM Crew Certificates

Gives an overview of all crew certificates.

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TM Crew Overview

Gives an overview of all personnel on board and on leave for both employed and contractual staff.

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TM Crew Planner

Gives an overview of all personnel on board and on leave.
New trips can be planned in a dynamic timeline view.

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